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BHL. Co., Ltd.

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BHL has produced the oil-less air pump, which is recognized as a key new technology in various ways.
Based on this technology, we, at BHL, have produced and marketed products combined with
the world's top-notch pneumatic and gas separation technologies.

In particular, the oil-less air pump and the nitrogen generator are being exported to more than 10 countries including
Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Moreover, the skin care device is a self- developed pump based
on tpneumatic technology, which also creates added value.


In addition, we have endeavored to push our boundaries to other industries by using key pneumatic techniques.
For instance, we have developed a finished aroma diffuser with the air compression technology
for the small oil-less air pump.

BHL will develop into a mecca of the pneumatic technology industry as well as establish a 21st-century profit model
and a corporate cooperation model so as to improve its brand power and corporate image in the global market.
We will provide topmost value to customers, create a venue for employees to obtain self-fulfillment, and seek a
trust-based path to achieve win-win growth with our partners, agencies, and overseas clients.

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